Смолян, Smilen Hotel - Смолян, Забронировать онлайн Гостиницы в Смолян, Bulgaria
Смолян, Smilen Hotel - Смолян, Забронировать онлайн Гостиницы	Смолян
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Smilen Hotel - Смолян

Количество номеров: 18

Адрес: Смолян, 9, Shumkov kamuk str., Ezerovo,

In hotel: Автостоянка, Ресторан, Дневной бар, SPA центр, Сауна/Паровая баня, Массажи, Детская площадка, Сейф, Разрешены домашние животные, Номера для некурящих, Номера/ услуги для инвалидов

In room: Ванная комната, Фен, Холодильник, Телефон, Интернет, TV, Satelit TV, Горячие напитки

Activities: Snow skiing

Season: All seasons

Условия размещения

Час заселения – после 14:00
Время освобождения номера – до 12:00
Бронь хранится до 22:00
Принимаются животные - питомцы

Если при размещении отель не в состоянии принять гостя после подтвержденного бронирования, ПС Тур ООД обязуется предоставить альтернативное размещение в гостинице такой же категории, при соблюдении аналогичных параметров размещения.

Вопросы и дополнительная информация

По всем возникшим в процессе бронирования вопросам Вы можете связаться с нами по тел. +359 700 11 881 (09:00-17:30 - Понедельник-пятница), skype: ok-booking, info@ok-booking.com
ПС Тур ЕООД, Бургас 8000, ул. Ал. Велики 1

Places to see nearby

» The Smolyan lakes 

The Smolyan lakes

In the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, to the north of the town of Smolyan, in the foot of a beech forest, the beautiful Smolyan lakes lie in tiers on the left slope of the Black River. The Orpheus rocks rise above them giving the valley mysticism and uniqueness. Now only seven of the one-time twenty pearly-emerald Rhodope eyes have remained. The highest constant lake is called Matnoto (the turbid) lake, as its name comes from the dense coniferous wood, the shadow of which makes the water look dark, almost black. The biggest Smolyan Lake – Milushevski dol (Milushevski glen) – is 178 m long and 4 m deep. Most of its surface is covered with a thick layer of turf, and exuberant grassy vegetation overlays the lake during the summer. The magnificence of the Smolyan lakes springs up against the mountain scenery – a picturesque mixture of woody slopes buried in greenery and queer shaped rocks dappled with flowers and spruce groves.

» Agushevi konatzi 

Agushevi konatzi

The Agushevi konatzi fortress is situated in the small village of Mogilitza, only 25 km away from the town of Smolyan, in the beautiful and mysterious Rhodopi mountain. “Konak” is a Turkish word and means big palace, big house. The Agushevi Konatzi represents a unique medieval feudal castle, consisting of a number of buildings with different functions, many yards, halls, corridors, tunnels, and hiding places. It is the only one of its kind on the Balkan peninsula. It was built in the middle of the 19th century by Bulgarian masters for the Turkish feudal Agush Aga and his three sons, who most probably used it as their summer residence. The “konak” is surrounded by a thick wall, equipped with a number of defence towers. One of the external towers is very interesting and is the only one of its kind in the whole Rhodopi mountain. It is vary tall, wider in its tallest part and has a number of windows, just like a kiosk. All the external walls and eaves are decorated with different paintings.

» Shiroka Luka 

Shiroka Luka

The village of Shiroka luka is a unique architectural and folklore reserve, situated some 23 km northwest from the town of Smolyan, in the valley of the Shirokolushka river. The village is one of the symbols of the Rhodopi culture and spirit. It is famous for its original Rhodopi style, its music traditions and rich history. One of the most interesting things here are the numerous houses, which have preserved the specific architecture of the Rhodopi region (the most famous ones being the Kalaijiiska, Uchikovska, Grigorovska, Dureva, Bogdanova, etc.). Some other interesting places worth visiting are the ethnographic museum (residing in the building of the Zgurovski konak), the church Uspenie Bogorodichno, which ,according to the legend was built in 38 days only. The village is also specific for its vaulted bridges and cobblestone-paved streets. Shiroka Luka is the birthplace of the last Bulgarian exarch Stefan I, who was elected in 1945. Shiroka Luka is the home of one of the two Middle Folklore Music Schools in Bulgaria, where some of Bulgaria’s best and most famous folk singers and music instrument players are taught.<br /><br />

» Narechen Mineral Baths 

Narechen Mineral Baths

The balneological resort Narechenski Baths is located some 42 km southern direction from Plovdiv and 59 km northern direction from Smolian, at an altitude of 640 m in the small defile of Asenitsa River in the Middle Rhodope Mountain. About 1200 people live in the village. The resort is known for the mineral springs – clear, colorless, odorless, hypothermal, low mineralized, and having temperature about 30-31°C, moderately hard, and with good drinking and taste characteristics. The baths are located at the left bank of the Chepelarska River. A few mineral springs are found here. The main spring that supplies the bath with mineral water is located not far away in northern direction at the slope of the hill. The second spring – Solenoto izvorche (the Salty Spring) is further, and higher than the first, in southwestern direction. One of the springs is used for eye illnesses , and has higher radioactivity and lower temperature. The mineral water is really useful for healing and prevention of nervous breakdowns.

» Snejanka peak (Snow white peak) 

Snejanka peak (Snow white peak)

In the heart of the Rhodope mountains, at the distance of 260 km. to the south - east from Sofia, 85 km. south of Plovdiv and just 15 km. away of Smolyan, is located one of the most beautiful and magnificent Bulgarian peaks - Snejanka. With its 1926 meters it is the highest peak in Pamporovo ski-resort. The sunny days here are more than 240 and the climate is mild. The average annual temperature is 8.5 Celsius degrees and the thickness of the snow is between 140 – 150 meters. There are a lot of ski tracks, which are very tempting for the ski lovers. There are also a few seated–lifts at the Snejanka’s slopes. Also the tourist can use and the ski–drags. In the summer time, Snejanka peak will welcome you with sunny sky, and incredible slopes with wide herbs and flowers, fresh air, and fragrance of pine. The average temperature during the summer is about 18 Celsius degrees – perfect place for refreshment in the hot summer days. The high TV and radio transmission tower on the Snejanka Peak with a panorama cafe where the whole resort can be views in a clear day can be reached by chair lift.

» The Planetarium in Smolyan 

The Planetarium in Smolyan

The Planetarium in Smolyan is the largest in Bulgaria and one of the largest in Europe as well. It was opened on September 6, 1975 and till now it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bulgaria. There are a large star-room, observatory, library and conference halls in it. The Heart of the Planetarium is the round star-room, 12.5m in diameter. There, with the help of a projector-planetarium for space flights, an artificial starry sky is reproduced, an exact image of the real one and the motions of the Sun, the Moon, the planets and different astronomical objects and phenomena are re-created. There is also a 15cm’s telescope-reflector. When the sky is clear you can see the Sun and its active areas during the day and the Moon, the planets and a lot of stars during the night. Since the establishing of the Planetarium, 7 sun and 15 moon eclipses have been photographed. Some of the photos are unique for Bulgaria. Since 2005 it is in the list with the 100 tourist objects in Bulgaria.

» Chepelare 


Chepelare is a small resort town with population of 9,000 people. It is the town at the highest altitude in Bulgaria – 1,100 m. In last few years it has become one of the leading ski resorts in Bulgaria. Chepelare is situated 9 km north of Pamporovo and 20 km north of Smolyan, as well as 245 km southeast of Sofia. The town is surrounded by venerable spruces, pine woods and meadows. Chepelarska River crosses the town collecting the waters of Yanchovata, Kamburskata and Sivkovskata rivers. The main road through the Rodopi Mountains, the Plovdiv – Smolyan Road, passes through the town. In the past local people were occupied with cattle-breeding. Flocks grazed on nearby meadows in the summer, and shepherds took them to the Belomorie (lands near the Aegean Sea). Following the Unification of Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia the border with Turkey was closed. It was impossible to reach the Belomorie. The population of the town slaughtered most of the cattle and was forced to chop the forest in order to provide pasture-grounds for the rest of the animals.

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Smilen Hotel - Смолян - pictures
Smilen Hotel - Смолян - picturesSmilen Hotel - Смолян - picturesSmilen Hotel - Смолян - picturesSmilen Hotel - Смолян - picturesSmilen Hotel - Смолян - pictures
Smilen Hotel - Смолян - picturesSmilen Hotel - Смолян - picturesSmilen Hotel - Смолян - picturesSmilen Hotel - Смолян - picturesSmilen Hotel - Смолян - pictures
Smilen Hotel - Смолян - picturesSmilen Hotel - Смолян - pictures

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Location: Mountain |  City |  Ski | 

In hotel:  Автостоянка   Ресторан   Дневной бар   SPA центр   Сауна/Паровая баня   Массажи   Детская площадка   Сейф   Разрешены домашние животные   Номера для некурящих   Номера/ услуги для инвалидов 

In room:  Ванная комната   Фен   Холодильник   Телефон   Интернет   TV   Satelit TV  Горячие напитки | 

Activities: Snow skiing | 

Season: All seasons | 

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Location: Mountain | City | Ski | 

In hotel: Автостоянка | Ресторан | Дневной бар | SPA центр | Сауна/Паровая баня | Массажи | Детская площадка | Сейф | Разрешены домашние животные | Номера для некурящих | Номера/ услуги для инвалидов | 

In room: Ванная комната | Фен | Холодильник | Телефон | Интернет | TV | Satelit TV | Горячие напитки | 

Activities: Snow skiing | 

Season: All seasons | 

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